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Hi…guess you dont need an introduction, but just incase you didn't get who's site your at, I’m Luke Adams. I currently live in a place called Loughton which is located in Essex, UK and when I’m not off saving the world I run a number of successful Internet businesses, and have recently started this blog.

Leaving home at 17 and moving to a shared house in berkshire, with merely a few hundred pounds, I have been lucky enough to navigate through life and ending up thoroughly enjoy every day of the last three incredible years (well... almost... lets be real).
After spending many years working my way up the corporate ladder, in September 2007, (after two years of procrastination) I gave up my successful corporate banking job to escape the rat race follow my passion. One day I was in a highly paid fairly secure job, the next day i started my first business. Pretty scary huh! Nah, not really, what s the worst that could happen... lose my house, car, and all my gadgets and toys and every other possession come to think of it... gulp... but I realised i'd still have my health,my family and my friends, and thats what matters.
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Upon embarking on my business venture, I quickly learnt that I could create multiple streams of income utilising the power of the internet and now I have an extensive knowledge and team that knows pretty much all there is to know about making money online. Furthermore by investing in myself through self development and mentoring programs, I spent many a day consuming my self with a knowledge of wealth creation, application and goal settings. I never really looked back. As a self-described “Wealth Junkie”, I have found that my own self development created life-changing experiences whilst growing my financial IQ. Robert Kiyosaki being one of the greatest influencers in changing my mindset and improving awareness, I continue to look for new ventures. Working with mentors and life coaches has brought a profound sense of accomplishment but also led to breakthroughs in ideas, focus and business thinking.

You could say, based on experience and income, that I am one of the leading experts on web marketing even though I still considers myself as a ‘Technophobe’. I also constantly adhere to the good bits of the corporate world, with many being my customers. I have had the privilege to work with some of the worlds largest blue chip organisations and have personally sold over £100million of products and services, online and in traditional business sense.

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One thing you will notice is that, you don't find my name plastered everywhere promoting my products. Two main reasons.
1) My business ventures stand on there own two feet. I don't need or particularly like to be seen as the person holding it together. Why would I? Think about it, how could you sell a business that is based on "Luke Adams"? The answer is you cant.
2) It could be harmful. Surprisingly, many affiliate and network marketing products that you could have already purchased, may be mine, but I don't want any prejudice against me. I want the product to speak for itself. Im a very straight talker and some people get jealous or see it as arrogance. Arrogance is often confused with confidence and I have utmost confidence in the business ventures I embark on.

Will I change that in the future? Look, Im well aware of the benefits of self myself. Im also aware of the additional opportunities it can bring me. But don't let anyone fool you to think that blogging is the be all and end all of your business. Its not. There are far greater and more powerful ways to make thousands of dollars out there.
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