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Stress and Sadness :(

My beloved little cat, (or bear, as I refer to him as) was seriously injured last week, and had to have his back leg completely removed through amputation. Its amazing to see how animals react to such tragedy, far better than humans. He he been as good as gold whilst recovering from his operation. Thankfully he isn't traumatised by the events and I'm pleased to have the challenge of keeping an eye on him. Only the day after his operation he was soon learning new tricks, such as climbing off the bed, going up and down the stairs and is already wanting to go out to play. I on the other hand have found this whole experience a nightmare. I love the little fella, and am so sad for his new life. Whats worse, he was in his "safe zone" on our drive when it happened, so I heard the car pull up and then the cry of pain immediately following.
I know to many people he is just a cat, but not to me. He is so entertaining, warm hearted and a delight to have as a pet. Never had I thought Id feel so sad for an animal, but Im not ashamed to say he really is part of the family. Im looking forward to many years with the little guy, and I will try and make his life as good as possible.

Here he is on the bathroom scales, before the accident. He is a little fat, I know. So as soon as he is better, strict diet as I don't want too much weight on that remaining back leg.
(his name is is BooBoo)
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