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21 sites like fiverr

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So, you want to create products, you have the knowledge, have the wisdom, but do not have the technical knowledge. You cant create logo's, banners, websites.  Your struggling with traffic, webinars, ecovers, social media and you just wish you could outsource some of this stuff.   Well you can.  First ill mention my own company. A leading digital marketing agency with a UK and US presence.  So the benefits are, firsltly we understand your business.. "we" have an abundance of sales and marketing expertise coupled with technical know how.  You will have no language issues, you get project guarantees, and you have access to the guy at the top, me.   But I appreciate my company fees are not cheap, they are the best value you,will ever come across, but that doesn't mean cheap.   So you want to outsource some of your tasks on a budget... Well there are great places to get help such as  elance, odesk, freelancer.   But what about if your on a tiny budget is there anywhere you can go?  You may have heard of a site called is a great place to start as its where people offer to facilitate a task for $5. From video intro's to translating an article to French , you can get an abundance of tasks on Fiverr.  A word of warning.  Your paying $5. So the quality can be somewhat sketchy from some providers. There are many many sites that offer similar services to fivver and it's worth checking  some out as some have different tasks more suited to your requiment. Note the spelling is ffiver Not fiverr The list goes on, so I think it's worth stopping here :).  One thing to note if you can facilitate a service that takes minutes to complete, then you can also make money on these sites by offering a service.
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Just make 3 changes.

If your like most 'experts' in business today, you're finding it harder then ever to get the kinds of results your looking for. It's harder to get new business, it's harder to sell to existing clients and the pain could be around for a long time to come.

At least if your going to continue to do the same things everyone else is doing and maybe the same things you have been doing yourself for the last few years.

Its strange isn't it, that after reviewing over 1000 businesses in the 'experts' industry, over 800 are doing sort, just over 100 were in trouble, 70 were optimistic and a tiny handful were thriving compared to everyone else.

Why is this? What makes the difference? Is it Magic? Is it intelligence? Maybe qualifications? Age of company?

Actually no, it was none of these. It's actually their use of the internet. Working with small businesses, including coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, therapists and practitioners, I've seen time and time again by applying a few tactical changes to your web marketing you can make a big difference.

You can increase your online sales (or enquiries if you don't sell anything on your site) by 100% to 300% just by making the switch.

There are 3 steps web marketing.

Firstly, please, please, please, have a half decent web site. It doesn't need to be expensive. Just needs to be fresh, up to date and enticing. Look, if your really struggling to do a nice site my business will do you a free beautiful web site, so no excuse. Email me and I'll share how you can get access. But you really can do it yourself if you spend a little time. This is your shop window to 2 billion internet users and 5.9 billion mobile users. Therefore make the window nice.

Secondly, you need visitorss. You have to attract people to your site. A bit obvious, but it's surprising to see how few small businesses are getting traffic. Did you know that traffic you receive from the web is because someone is looking to find you? Because they search for you. Once you get your head round this, you success will change. Think about it, You're not pushing your message, they are pulling your message from the internet. They are looking for you. Now maybe you can see a little more effort should be spent on this.

Thirdly and the most important of all three elements is conversion. You need a good percentage of these visitors to take action. I don't necessarily mean they have to buy something, but the visitor must act. Do something that takes the visit forward and closer to you. A website is pretty useless without traffic, but at the same time traffic is pointless if the visitors are not taking action.

Stats show fewer than 1% of site visits to a typical web site take any action at all. Whether that's to make a call or fill out a form, never mind buying something That means 99 out of 100 visitors leave your site without doing anything and even less a percentage ever return.

Having a simple capture system in place with a free gift (a good information product) will entice the visitor to leave their details in exchange of the free gift - usually a quality guide in relation to what the visitor is looking for.

Get those three improvements in place and you will see your sales increment dramatically throughout the year.

For info on implementing any of the above, please connect, or join me on the workshop.
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List Building

As Im getting lots of questions on how to build a list, Im going to include an in-depth section on the forthcoming Experts Profit Formula work shop. If your coaches, speaker, trainer, therapist, small business owner or Information Marketer then this is worth coming to. Any small business that predominantly sells there time for money, such as plumbers, brokers, carpet fitters, hairdressers, are also welcome.

Ill release more info in the next few days.

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Pinpoint Power Keywords

Pinpoint Power Keywords are a highly effective under-utilised keyword phrases which are great for  high conversion.... Sales.  Google Keyword Tool is great for general searches and niche finding for global search campaigns, but doesnt display Pinpoint Power Keyword results.  So dont miss out.  
So what are they?  They are super specific keyword phases that are being searched for right now.   

Let me explain... When I was looking at transferring my music on my blackberry to my iTunes, I didn't search for "blackberry iTunes transfer music"... I typed in "how do I transfer music from my blackberry to my iTunes". You then get a bunch of answers showing up in google auto complete, which means the autocomplete phrase is being searched for Right Now!!!  And with such a long tail keyword phrase, the competition is going to be uber low.  But guess what...  If you had a site on page one of Google that was selling iPod to iTunes transfer software, you would be pretty certain to have had a sale today.

They work just as well when using local business services.  If searching for "hair restoration surgery chicago" as an example, again shows no results in Google Keyword Tool.  Yet its another Pinpoint Power Keyword.  We know from the autocomplete that this phrase is being requested, but as no results show up in the keyword tool, it will most certainly be under optimised. Which means, cheap to get a site to the first page of Google and sell products. 

These keyword phrases can not only help the local business gets streams of new customers, but can also be utilised to help internet structures, such as network marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation, CPA, asset enhancing, and even auction sites.

Lets use network marketing and health products as an example business.  Pinpoint Power Keywords help.  Using such keywords you can get your capture page to the first page of google for less than the price of your monthly autoship.  Pinpoint Power Keywords are actually what  people are typing in for pinpoint answers.  So in the health product example you can use something like "what is the best way to prevent cramp".  A real specific that is being searched for, but again no results in google keyword tool.  Having your capture page on the first page of google displaying your isotonic drinks is going to get real people seeing your product.  As Google keyword tool doesn't show these keywords as getting any traffic, the good news is they are not heavily targeted by SEO gurus and that means they are cheap to get your site optimised. Yay!
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