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The Myth of the Facebook Fan Page

Your brand or business has a Facebook Page. That's great.. Wahhoo arent we clever.  Ask yourself. Are you getting much from it and is it worth your investment of time and effort?

Ok so we are all starting to understand that Facebook needs to be an important part of our business strategy.  But what steps should your business take to increase your reach and visibility on Facebook and to turn Fans into paying customers?

First of all I need to be blunt:  Your brand isn't reaching as many people as you think through its Facebook Page. Most people who “like” your Page never go back to it.  Recent research found that almost 90% percent of Facebook members never return to a Page once they’ve clicked the Like button. Yikes... Really... Yep!

Your opportunity lies in engaging with fans ... (i hate the term"fan", but thats the current name).... through their News Feed.  

But here's a second thing that's going to upset you; according to Facebook only 1 out of every 500 updates makes it into your fans' critical Top News feed, which is how 95 percent of Facebook members get their updates (excluding mobile users).

Which means that many of those status updates you spent ages writing will never be seen by the vast majority of your fans.

So why bother?

Well there is some exciting news.  Just using these major brands as an example-- Starbucks (nearly 22 million Likes), Skittles (16.5 million Likes), Adidas (9.6 million Likes), Best Buy (2.9 million Likes), Target & Nike  (4.3 million Likes) and others -- have learned how to use Facebook intelligently, as a conversation-rich platform  rather than as just another marketing/promotional channel. With the time users spend on Facebook now far exceeding the time they spend on Google, and with traffic driven by Facebook often matching or surpassing Google referrals, it's time to turn your Facebook presence into a larger conversation strategy for your business.

Watch outr for forthcoming tips on how to maximise communication and increase your FB fan base.
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10 ways to use Twitter

1289910404_twitterI often get asked what are the ways you could use twitter, so here are just a few ideas for you.

What will you update about your status? It may depend on how you plan to use Twitter.
1. Use Twitter to find friends, family and those who you look up to. Celebrities, pop icons, politicians or even news personalities are all online, easily accessible to anyone who has a Twitter account.
2. Use Twitter to stay up to date on the news. A variety of news organisations using Twitter as a way of displaying the latest and most "breaking" news stories they have. It is fast and simple.
3. Use Twitter to hire people. You can get to know them and their services easily. More so, it is very easy to find people to handle those freelance jobs you need just as hiring someone to design a logo for your business or someone to write content for your blog.
4. Use Twitter to meet new people, locally or internationally. It is a worldwide service to connect you to just about anyone you want to be connected with.
5. Use Twitter as a way of networking, to building up the followers you have so that you can always have someone to chat with or even promote.
6. Use Twitter as a way of socialising when you are sitting at home, working your work at home businesses and feeling lonely doing so. Of course, you may find that you can easily use Twitter too much and fill up your day with Tweets instead of work.
7. Use Twitter as a way to alert the public of upcoming events, promotions or discounts you may be having. You may find it very easy to use Twitter to promote specials within the online community or even on the larger scale.
8. Use Twitter as a way of learning something new. If you have a programming question, for example, you can easily throw it out there and most often, there will be an easy to reach answer within your grasp.
9. Use Twitter as a tool to manage your thoughts and ideas. If you have a new idea, bounce it off your followers.
10. Use Twitter to be yourself even when you have an unpopular opinion. Twitter can be used for many more reasons too. You are unlimited here.
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