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Engaging with your prospect

forum So I often get asked, how do I engage with people in a forum I know nothing about. I previously mentioned creating a suede name to start a conversation. But lets say, you want to actually engage. What do you do? Well the first thing you need to do is research. So as an example, lets say my prospects are in he therapist industry; hypnotherapists, physiotherapists, aromatherapists etc. So I google "therapist forum" and then research the forums for my customer base. I ensure that there are plenty of members. I also ensure that at least 10 - 20 posts per day, demonstrating that it is an active forum.

I now spend time review the site. looking at the history, the questions, the leaders, the followers, the new people, the authorities etc. I look at the posts to see if there is anything I can help on. Even if its a 2 year old post. I can reignite the post by adding a comment.

If there is absolutely nothing that you can relate to then simply create a new thread. Importantly you start the thread with a question as the title. In my case, I would say; "Help; how do I get more customers?". now within the post I would continue, "that is a question I get asked all the time.." I would then add value, and end with a question. So Id give some tips, and then ask others for opinions on how to get more customers.

As you have asked for help, lots of people in the therapist industry like to help, so not only will you get people who also have the same question, but didn't dare admit they need customers, but you also get helpers chipping in!!! And there you go. Your off and running.