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Pinpoint Power Keywords

Pinpoint Power Keywords are a highly effective under-utilised keyword phrases which are great for  high conversion.... Sales.  Google Keyword Tool is great for general searches and niche finding for global search campaigns, but doesnt display Pinpoint Power Keyword results.  So dont miss out.  
So what are they?  They are super specific keyword phases that are being searched for right now.   

Let me explain... When I was looking at transferring my music on my blackberry to my iTunes, I didn't search for "blackberry iTunes transfer music"... I typed in "how do I transfer music from my blackberry to my iTunes". You then get a bunch of answers showing up in google auto complete, which means the autocomplete phrase is being searched for Right Now!!!  And with such a long tail keyword phrase, the competition is going to be uber low.  But guess what...  If you had a site on page one of Google that was selling iPod to iTunes transfer software, you would be pretty certain to have had a sale today.

They work just as well when using local business services.  If searching for "hair restoration surgery chicago" as an example, again shows no results in Google Keyword Tool.  Yet its another Pinpoint Power Keyword.  We know from the autocomplete that this phrase is being requested, but as no results show up in the keyword tool, it will most certainly be under optimised. Which means, cheap to get a site to the first page of Google and sell products. 

These keyword phrases can not only help the local business gets streams of new customers, but can also be utilised to help internet structures, such as network marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation, CPA, asset enhancing, and even auction sites.

Lets use network marketing and health products as an example business.  Pinpoint Power Keywords help.  Using such keywords you can get your capture page to the first page of google for less than the price of your monthly autoship.  Pinpoint Power Keywords are actually what  people are typing in for pinpoint answers.  So in the health product example you can use something like "what is the best way to prevent cramp".  A real specific that is being searched for, but again no results in google keyword tool.  Having your capture page on the first page of google displaying your isotonic drinks is going to get real people seeing your product.  As Google keyword tool doesn't show these keywords as getting any traffic, the good news is they are not heavily targeted by SEO gurus and that means they are cheap to get your site optimised. Yay!