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Don't be scared to turn business away

I come across many businesses who are so desperate for business that they become frozen when they are asked to do business either out of there primary skill set, or even worse by a customer who you know is going to be one pain in the a$$. Let me tell you from experience, taking on business for a short term gain will come back to bite you later. Let's go into an example. So I run a web monetization company.. We specialise in getting you an income from your web presence, whether that be a small business, network marketer, corporate, or individual. So, I get a call from a prospect wanting some SEO. The customer has no idea about maximising income from online activities but insist on telling my seo guru's that they know the keywords they want their site optimised for. The project would have netted a £5000 fee. But I declined the business. Why? Because I know that customer is going to exhaust me and my teams energy chopping and changing their strategy once they realise that the keywords they selected are not financially beneficial. So to me, it could end up costing me long term, both numerically and emotionally. So think long and hard about the business you accept. There is a profit and loss for every project, so make sure your in profit.