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WOW!!.. New home page... this is interesting. So why the change.. well, Im looking at utilising Wordpress for my blog. Now.. Im no big fan of Wordpress for websites. Thats not its function. It is designed for blogging and until now, I've not been able to integrate Wordpress into a standard website without messing up the formatting (I'm no techie). But now I have... so for the time being... Im going to give Wordpress a try and park blogger. Blogger is great by the way. Much easier to use and on the eye than Wordpress. But integrating "share" buttons into my site was not so good.. so unless your using blogger directly... this function flaw was causing a problem. There was also some issues using blogger from mobiles. I love my ipad and had on numerous occasions spent 15 minutes writing an article, only for it to vanish!!! So lets give Wordpress a go

So the next stage is having the blog as the home page.!!! that is causing me some technical issues, but I'm sure Ill get round it.
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