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With the ever need to get your website seen, social bookmarking is a great way to get more traffic. So what is it. Well, it’s a little like you bookmarking a page in your browser, but instead of you it being your browser, you are going to a social media site and your bookmarking your site in their list of bookmarks. Make sense? So imagine you having access to mark zuckenburgs iMac, you open his browser and you book mark your page in his browser. Well your kinda doing that. But not booking marking in the browser, but in the site itself.

So now the challenge is there are a growing number social media sites and bookmarking your site in each one is a timeconsuming process.

That brings me to Onlywire. There are many tools to help you, but I find Onlywire to by the only one required. It takes some setting up, but you can get someone on fiverr to do it for a er.. Fiver.


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